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Wedding Guidelines have been developed to answer many of your questions about weddings at the Church and to aid in your decision-making. These guidelines can be e-mailed to you or given to you during your initial visit to the Church. Select information from the guidelines is below.



The Sanctuary (capacity 650) or Chapel (capacity 65) may be used by a member of the Church (or by his/her immediate family) or by a non-member. There is a charge for using either worship center.


The scheduling of a wedding is at the sole discretion of the church. Normally, weddings are held on Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Permission for a wedding time outside these parameters must be given by the Pastor.



One of the church’s Pastors will officiate at the ceremony.  It is possible for the officiating Pastor to invite a minister from another church to assist in the wedding. 


Premarital counseling sessions are required with the officiating Pastor. These are intended to assist couples in their preparation for marriage, provide time and plan the wedding ceremony. The content of the wedding is discussed during these sessions with the Pastor.



The format and content of the wedding will be discussed during the counseling sessions with the Pastor. The bridal couple will be provided with a variety of wedding resources to personalize the ceremony.


Like all music in Christian worship, music in a wedding ceremony helps create a reverent atmosphere and expresses the faith of the church. The music is not intended to entertain the guests, but to glorify God. Because of this, no popular or show music can be used. All music selected, and any soloists and instrumentalists employed, must be coordinated by the church’s Music Director. 


A wedding reception may be held in the church building for an additional fee. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on church grounds. By law, smoking prohibited inside the church.

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