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Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church was formally organized on February 8, 1854. The congregation of Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church reflected the growing industrial success of Detroit. JAPC offered religious services and instruction, as well as a wide range of opportunities for community activities. Originally Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church was located on the north side of Jefferson Avenue between Russell and Rivard.


In 1926 the current structure was built, yet Instead of investing in a larger, grander building for JAPC, the congregation supported the establishment of a number of missions, to honor its mission in Detroit. In the church's worship life, over 80 worship experiences are offered each year — from traditional to informal, from Sunday mornings to mid-week Lenten Breakfasts, from contemplative to Festival Services. Each time the congregation gathers in worship, whether in the beauty of the Sanctuary or in the quaint Zaun Chapel, the services are enhanced by the majestic sounds of the organ and carillon and the joyous songs of the choir and soloists. Others also are exposed to the richness of the church's musical tradition through free musical and carillon concerts throughout the year. The church's mission endeavors demonstrate a commitment to positively impact its immediate neighborhood and city. 

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